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    We want to create deeper wellness for our clients with unique massage experiences

    Deeper wellness with Nordic massage

    Experience a unique Saga Massage therapy based on traditional Western and Nordic massage techniques ~ physiurgical massage therapy, geothermal therapy, connective tissue massage, in-depth sports massage and stimulating wellness massage.


    The massage is effective in treating pain, as well as preventing muscle tension, disease and injury. The massage removes tension and breaks down waste products that are more easily excreted after the massage. The muscles and joints will be flexed by the massage and the blood circulation will increase throughout the body, including in the muscles, nervous and lymphatic system.


    You increase blood circulation deep inside the muscles, which rebuilds themselves faster after injury or strain. The massage helps to restore the balance in the muscles and body. After the massage, you will experience relaxation, reduced pain and increased mobility.


    The massage also reduces stress, anxiety, headaches, pain and soreness in the body. People often feel a greater body awareness after the massage.


    The Saga Massage therapy is specially adapted to you and your needs and desires.


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  • About

    Jon Bluhme Sævarsson
    Owner and Massage Therapist


    I was born in Iceland and I have lived in Denmark most of my life.


    The joy of giving massage and doing something good for others is an important part of my life. I can go in depth when needed - and at the same time give a relaxing, meditative massage for the good overall experience. I immerse myself in various massage techniques and I like to experiment and combine the classic massage grips with elements from my Nordic origins.


    Privately I live in Kgs. Lyngby with my family.


    It is important to remember - especially in these strange times - that we all need regular physical contact, presence, calm and well-being in body and soul. This is exactly what massage treatments can provide - in addition to relieving pain and tension, stimulating the circulation and strengthening the immune system and much more.


    A private getaway with a focus on you.

  • Lyngby Behandlerhus (Therapist house)
    Christian Xs Allé 168
    2800 Kgs. Lyngby


    Free parking in front of the house and the surrounding residential roads. The house is approx. 800 meters from Lyngby Station. Bus numbers 68, 191 and 400S run from the station and right to the door.


    In Lyngby Behandlerhus we are very careful with the hygiene. We spray frequently, use disposable towels after hand washing and ensure a good distance.


    We are very confident that you can feel safe - and we look forward to seeing you in our beautiful house.

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